The County Awards Committee

Girlguiding Herefordshire has an Awards Committee which aims to promote a culture of thanks and recognition for the contribution made by volunteers, and to celebrate significant achievements of its members. Click [here] to see its Terms of Reference.

The Committee meets twice a year principally to review award nominations and to plan the annual awards presentation event which is held in the autumn.

Chair of Awards Sandy Kinnersley says “So many Girlguiding volunteers across Herefordshire do so much to give the girls such amazing experiences week in and week out. Their impact on these girls and young women is immeasurable. Please help us to recognise what they do by nominating them for an award – there are lots of different awards to reflect individual circumstances. Don’t be put off by the process – the Awards Committee is here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact [Chair of Awards for advice”.

What Awards are Available?

There are different awards for volunteers and young members available from County, Region, and Girlguiding – and it is also possible to nominate a Girlguiding volunteer for a national honour. Click on the relevant level below for further details:




[National Honours]


Tips for Making a Successful Nomination

Different awards require different types of nomination – some can be awarded by a unit leader without being approved by the Awards Committee, some are done by completing an application form, and others need additional letters of support. The Awards Committee can provide advice and guidance for any type of application – you only need to ask for help! For the Girlguiding awards click here for [guidance on making a nomination] and the Girlguiding website provides help on writing letters of support.


Girlguiding Herefordshire Awards

In Herefordshire we have three awards – the Chris Rogers Award for young members aged 5 to 18, the County Brooch which is for volunteers (uniformed or non-uniformed), and the Young Leaders Certificate of Service.


The Chris Rogers Award

  • This award is given in memory of Chris Rogers who died in 2004
  • Nominees are Girlguiding Herefordshire members aged 5 to 18 who have achieved something in guiding which is beyond their normal expectations and/or those of other people. This fulfils Chris Rogers’s favourite expression “You can do it!”
  • There will be a maximum of four awards each year – one award for each section
  • Nominations should be made on [this form] in consultation with the unit leader and District Commissioner
  • Nominations should be submitted to the [Chair of Awards] by 30 April each year


The County Brooch

  • The County Brooch was reviewed and re-designed in 2018
  • This award is to thank volunteers for the support they have given to the County Commissioner(s) while the County Commissioner(s) is/are in post
  • There are three levels – Gold, Silver, and Bronze – each with its own [criteria]. An individual can only ever receive a maximum of one badge in each category
  • Typically there will be a maximum number of awards made each year (Gold – 4, Silver – 6, and Bronze – 10), though this may vary in exceptional circumstances
  • Nominees are uniformed or non-uniformed Girlguiding Herefordshire volunteers who are aged 18+ (no upper limit)
  • Nominations are made by the County Commissioner(s) and submitted to the Awards Committee for final approval
  • Nominations should be submitted by 30 April each year


The Young Leader Certificate of Service

  • This certificate is for any Young Leader who has completed a period of service with a unit
  • Any unit leader can decide to give this certificate
  • The certificate is obtained by the relevant District Commissioner from the [Chair of Awards]

Girlguiding Midlands Awards

Girlguiding Midlands offers three different awards – the [Midlands Region Award] and the [Chief Commissioners Award] for active members of Girlguiding Midlands and the [Midlands Merit Award] which may be given to any active member of Girlguiding Midlands who has shown great initiative and responsibility either at an incident or in some other commendable way or to any member of Girlguiding Midlands under the age of 30 who continues their guiding activities whilst displaying a positive attitude despite experiencing a long term medical condition or coping with exceptional circumstances.


  • All applications must be submitted without the knowledge of the nominee or their family
  • Applications for the Midlands Region Award and the Midlands Merit Award must be submitted on the [Girlguiding Midlands application form] and forwarded to the County [Chair of Awards]
  • Nominations for the Chief Commissioners Award are made on the [Chief Commissioners Award application form] and forwarded to the County [Chair of Awards] by 1 August each year. Girlguiding Herefordshire is allocated up to two Chief Commissioners Awards each year, and these are presented by the Chief Commissioner at san annual presentation event at the end of each year

Girlguiding Awards

There are several national Girlguiding awards available. An award can be used to recognise commendable conduct, outstanding and excellent service, and long service. Information is found on the Girlguiding website.

[Long Service Awards] – recognise cumulative years of service of volunteers aged 16+ which don’t have to be consecutive. These awards will be identified each year by the County GO Coordinator and passed to the County Chair of Awards. Awards for 20+ years are presented at the County annual awards presentation event each autumn. Awards for 5 and 10 years are presented locally

[The Thanks Badge] – for members and non-members as a sign of appreciation for their support

[The Good Service Brooch] – for adult members of Girlguiding for excellent service


The following discretionary awards must be submitted to the County [Chair of Awards] and are subsequently forwarded to the Region Awards Committee and then the national Awards Committee for consideration.

[The Guiding Star] – for members aged under 26 who have displayed exceptional courage or have shown great initiative or responsibility during an incident

[The Laurel Award] – for members of Girlguiding in recognition of outstanding service

[The Silver Fish] – for active adult members of Girlguiding in recognition of distinguished service

National Honours

Advice and guidance for applying for a national honour is available on the [] website and there is [help on writing a nomination]. If you wish to consider nominating a member of Girlguiding Herefordshire for a national honour please let the County [Chair of Awards] know.