Welcome to our “Ditch the Sofa” Outdoor Challenge!

Being outdoors is an excellent way for us all to enjoy Girlguiding safely. Girlguiding is all about fun and adventure, and the challenge pack will encourage our girls to go back to basics and have some fun outdoors. We can make a huge difference to their overall mental health and wellbeing and encourage them to enjoy our wonderful Country at the same time.

The final part of the challenge is to help Girlguiding Herefordshire to cover the coastline of the UK. Each kilometre covered is recorded and the Girlguiding Herefordshire marker will move around the coast of the UK – how exciting is that! You can choose to cover the distance however you want to from walking, cycling or even horse-riding, you just need to be enjoying the outdoors and make sure you record it on our website.

We’d love to see the adventures you have and the places you go so please share photos (with consent) using the hashtags #getoutdoors and #girlguidingherefordshire.  If you are leader, don’t forget your hashtag #inspiregirls

Thank you to our organising team –Anne, Julie, Claire, and Sandy, for putting together the activities; to Sam and Beth for the presentation of the activity pack; and to Shannon for her photos.

Have fun!

Sue Bucknell

County Commissioner




Ditch the sofa

We want you to help us to travel all around the coastline of the UK!