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A girl can join Guides at any time after her tenth birthday. Most Guides move on to Senior Section shortly after their fourteenth birthday.

Welcome to the Guide programme

The Guide programme has five broad zones to ensure that there are opportunities for the girls to acquire knowledge and understanding, to develop the personal and social skills needed to relate effectively to others, and to participate fully in community life.

The zones are:

  • Healthy lifestyles.
  • Global awareness.
  • Discovery.
  • Skills and relationships.
  • Celebrating diversity.

There are a number of tools, covering these five zones, to help you put together a varied and balanced programme for Guides.

These include:

  • Unit activities: Theme evenings, outings, activities provided by the Guider.
  • Go For Its!: A series of resources which allow Patrols to plan, carry out and evaluate challenges on a variety of topics.
  • Interest badges: These encourage personal development and allow Guides to extend their interests. Many of the badges support Go For It! topics. Badges can be worked on by the individual Guides or as a Patrol/unit.
  • Challenge badges: Individual badges to reward teamwork, participation and sustained effort over a 12-month period.
  • Baden-Powell Challenge: The highest award available to Guides.
  • Residential experiences: All Guides should have an opportunity for a residential experience every year. These provide an extension to the programme and encourage personal development.
We give members a world of new experiences and friends.
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